July 27, 2009

Strapped In!

Installed these new belts before the last event, but I wanted to make sure I had some good pictures before posting on the blog. These are the 6 Point (only 4 for now, 5 and 6 go in on track days) CamLock Pro Harnesses from G-FORCE Racing Gear in red, pull down type.

Quick review of the belts, they feel absolutely amazing. I get even more feedback from the car, while not having to worry about applying more pressure of my left foot down onto the dead pedal to keep myself steady. I'm strapped in comfortably, and can just focus on driving and the course, so it's a really good advantage to have. Can't wait to mount these to the roll bar I have coming soon..so stay tuned for that!
Installing is a breeze, just becareful with the bolts as I learned the hard way in the middle of the tech line at the event (big thanks again to Bob for the save). The way I did it, is to bolt the lap belts at the mounting point for the seat rails in the rear, UNDER the rail. Don't do the seatbelt rail that holds the OEM belts, nor bolt OVER the seat rail. For the shoulder belts, I bolted to the rear seatbelt lock locations (NOT good for the track, thus why I'm getting a roll bar). I've seen some buy the latch for the shoulder straps and latch it to the child safety bars in the rear, as well as get anchor bolts for the seat mounts and latch the lap belts to those. I personally prefer to have a firm, solid mount for the safety equipment to ensure it's not moving anywhere.

Just a heads up, for anyone who thinks these look completely baller or JDM... They do, but they're not for the street at all. So please, don't think I got this for looks on the street. These are purely for track/autocross events and should not be used on the street. The reason is because you are completely limiting your turning radius of your head and body to look at any oncoming cars. If you get hit hard you're probably going to get whiplash. The worse of them all is if you have it a bit too loose, or improperly installed, you can easily submarine and snap your spine. I don't usually emphasize on what you should and shouldn't do, but I'm pretty firm about this as this can be very safe on the course, yet very very dangerous elsewhere.

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