August 10, 2009

Reverse Engineering?

Wasn’t feeling so hot so I decided to take it easy today and take today off. Once I was up to par, I took a trip up to Josh’s house as I had a good idea about my exhaust. For now, so I can keep my new found power with this midpipe but stay quiet, I decided to swap back on a stock catback and keep the midpipe on. The results were excellent as the car is very quiet and I can actually hear my engine! We are still hearing a sort of buzzing so we are investigating what it could be. I believe it is the header, but we’re all not 100% yet. Until I get that solved and decide what I will be doing for my catback, I will be running with this setup for now. Big thanks to Josh for the help.Also decided to debadge the car since we were there. Not sure 100% how I am going to fill the holes, probably how I filled the holes on the rocker panels just with a smaller plug, but we’ll see for now. Check out the video below of the car sound now, you’ll notice how much more quiet it is, but you’ll hear that slight buzz.


imput1234 said...

take the "M" off too, it'll look 100x better :)

Marc Monnar said...

Nah, I like the M a lot actually. Gives it this sort of dark solo look. :)