August 9, 2009

SCCA Northeast Divisionals - Day 2

Ready to rock today! I realized I didn’t mention much about the course last night, but then again I don’t remember too much as my head was really everywhere but on the course. Today the course was setup going backwards, with a few turns changed. The beginning and middle sections of the course were VERY fast in which if I was a better driver, I know I could have easily hit 3rd if need be. At the end it was tricky, as it looked fast but it was actually a slow and steady section.
After all the racing, running around on grid and getting some work action in, we looked at our final scores. I came in 6th on Saturday, right behind everyone with R comps except for one, and on Sunday, I came in 7th place, right behind two really good drivers on R comps. We sort of had a small battle between us in SM class, as it was the slower drivers (as John put it) and then the really fast guys, spreading a huge gap between us. I’m proud that I was the top driver in SM on street tires (which was only me and one other person, but hey!), but I would’ve liked to see a bit more progress against some of the other R comp drivers. Next year I’ll step it up a notch in skill though, and not sound!Big thanks again to everyone for the help and the good times. I’m really glad I turned around and signed up for this event as it was really fun, very educational, and worth the money. Really worth it all. Now to do something about my loud exhaust…

Big thanks to everyone for all the pictures. Tons of pictures linked below with plenty of awesome cars in them! Results are also linked below!
Final Results
Final Raw Time
Final Pax Time
Keith's Pictures
Drew's Pictures
Ed's Pictures 1
Ed's Pictures 2

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