July 12, 2009

SCCA Event 6

Big battles in little Ayer! Today’s event I brought my competition with me, but not the game I was hoping for. The weather was 80’s and sunny, while the course was very tricky with a lot of tight turns and pivots. There were also tricky parts that included what could only be described as narrow Chicago boxes, but really just needs to be treated as a pivot.
Co-Drove with my friend Shane again who is improving quickly in the Novice class, but unfortunately neither of us took home a trophy. I came in 3rd right behind Gfab’s team and their white 240, marking a time of 1’07.2 +1 cone. Results are located here.

Meantime, big ups to Chris and his brother for the great pictures they took of me and Shane out on the course this weekend. The entire archive is here.

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