July 18, 2009

Renegade Miata 4

The 4th event with the Renegade Miata club, and what a great event it was! The day started off damp and dreary when we got to the course. As we began to walk the course, it began to down pour! Many ran to the nearest people with umbrellas, huddling under them to get some sort of refuge. Rain stopped at around 10am, and that is when we had the first car was let off.

Got to co drive with James today, and he also went first to try out the course while it was still wet, having never autocrossed in the rain before. Course was excellent, with some great elements such as off pace slaloms, a slalom that is like a Chicago box (without the extra cones), and similar elements.
My top time was a 1’28.2 clean with James having a top time of 1’31. I managed to run consistent 1’28’s for the day, though I pulled a 1’27 with a cone once. Got to try out my new harnesses and what a difference! They really helped me stay in my seat, which I was having a problem from time to time on the course. I was always in my seat, and I felt everything going on around me as it pretty much made me apart of the car. More information and pictures of harnesses in another post on Monday (After I give the car the bath of a life time).

Big ups to James for helping me setup, datalog, and going out there and tearing up the course with me. Also big ups to Zach from NEPOC for the pictures, and other NEPOC members I got to see on the course today! Results are here.

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