May 21, 2009

Flush And Brackets

Small update of some minor upgrade I did. All new Stainless Steel brake and clutch lines from Technafit, full flush with ATE Super Blue, and finished off with new front swaybar bushings and brackets.

The lines were very nicely made, and all fit perfectly, just very time consuming to get it all completed. We flushed my old OEM brake fluid from the car after installing each line to make sure all air was gone, and the old fluid had gone. It is kind of neat to see blue brake fluid as opposed to the traditional golden colored fluids.

After the brake and clutch line installs, I had gotten for my birthday some nice Energy Suspension front swaybar bushings and brackets. The front swaybar bushings that came with the Progress Technology swaybars were actually rubber, and not polyurethane surprisingly. So I replaced the old rubber ones with the new polyurethane bushings, and with beefier brackets. The kit fit so perfect that it was actually hard to get in.

My road impressions about the bushings is that they actually are worth the swap. I noticed that the front isn't really much stiffer than before, but I get more feedback from what the front of the car is doing. Very nice to get this kind of input with just a small modification like that. As for my impression of the lines and after the flush, it was well needed. My brakes are much firmer now, as well as my clutch pedal. Each shift is spot on consistent, while my brakes felt very responsive.

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