May 3, 2009

All Mazda Meet At Orange County Choppers

The day finally came for the annual Mazda Meet at OCC! I unfortunately did not have the time to go last year, so I decided to go this year to check out what it's all about! It was great to see some old faces from people in NY, and get together with the usual NEPOC crew.

I had gone to also support my good friend with his business, SleeperModZ, and setup the booth with him and get my car on display, along with Josh. After all the setup, making sure our cars were clean and getting things in gear, we were ready to go! The booth consisted of a large white tent, with the black SleeperModz banner infront. Inside the tent at the back wall was a SleeperModz banner, with all information needed. At the center table, there were items on display, with a large monitor, keyboard and mouse that was connected wirelessly to the Internet. Firefox was set to Kiosk mode so that people could surf only the SleeperModz website and check out what product they have for their car.The day went on with some music, over 150+ different cars, raffles, and mostly hanging out and talking. At the end of the day, we packed up, went to the hotel for a nap to make up for the lost hours of sleep, before hitting up TGI Friday's for celebration dinner!

Day 2 mostly consisted of a few people getting together, saying goodbyes, getting the grand shop tour of OCC, and then heading back out to MA. Was a great time, and was great to see everyone there. Below is a list of all the picture galleries of various people that had gone.
Josh's Gallery
Josh's Car's Infront of OCC Gallery
Josh's Shop Tour Gallery
Anna's Gallery 1
Anna's Gallery 2
Chris's Gallery
Lonecorp's Gallery
Ashley's Gallery
Zach's Gallery
Craig's Gallery
SpeedAddiction's Gallery

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