November 11, 2008

More Interior Decorating

Decided to finish what we had started at Josh's not that long ago and really paint the center console trim. If you remember from my old post, we had simply sprayed piano black colored paint and were done with it. Came out nice, but still had some nicks and bubbles. Today, we sanded it down to make it extra smooth and get rid of the nicks, then decided to paint it flat black to try and match the interior. The results were nothing less then amazing. It looked stock and looked great as you can see from the pictures.

Since we had the center console off, I needed to adjust my side brake as well, so that as I pull it up, I'm not pulling to a 90 degree angle. Also patched up two small rust spots where the doors meet at the bottom sill, I guess that is common with 04.

Lastly, we took off my rear appearance package. Was not really feeling the look, it's a different approach, plus I noticed a lot of Japanese tuners leave the rear alone and just use side skirts and a front bumper or something. In my opinion, it looks GREAT. It really helps accent my wider tires and my camber in the rear, while showing off more of the appearence package on the side and front, as taking it off gives the car more shape. No pictures of that now, but check back soon for pictures of it on other posts!

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