November 1, 2008

Best Motoring International - Japan VS USA Drift Off

This month's Best Motoring was packed with a humorous drift battle, a great demonstration of the new M5's abilities, a bit on the Solstice, finishing off with some coverage of Orido's and Taniguchi's racing career. The DVD was not that bad at all, but did not have that eye catching media to it like the Civic Type R episode. It was a nice coverage of the M5, and the drift battle was very enjoyable (especially for NC Miata drivers), but again, not everything it could have been. This is more of a straight to the point video - Drift Battle - Circuit Race - Solstice in Action - then some commentary on the others.

If I were to have this on my list to get, I would only be getting it for the drift battle, seeing Ken Gushi and Rhys Millen, otherwise I wasn't really into this episode as I am most of the others.

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