November 22, 2008

Minor Body Work

After removing the rear aero flares that are apart of the appearance package that came from the factory, I noticed they left these nifty drill holes at the bottom of my rear bumper. I had gotten together with Marcux from RX8 club (Donnie) to patch this up.

Below is the steps I observed him perform on my bumper. I'll have him chime in if I missed something or spelt something wrong, as I'm not exactly very "body work" savvy.

1. Clean out the drill holes using a small sanding pen
2. Fill the holes with JB Weld - Let dry for 1 hour
3. Coat top layer of JB Weld with spot putty - Let dry for 30 minutes
4. Sand down flat with 2000 grit sand paper
5. Make sure it is smooth
6. Apply touch up paint over the spots - Let dry for 1 hour
7. Coat with clear coat brush - Let dry for 1 day
8. Wet sand with 2000 grit sand paper lightly
9. Rub in the rubbing compound to smooth out - Then buff out
10. Rub in polish compound - Then buff out
11. Apply wax
12. Buff out

Below are pictures in respective order-

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