June 1, 2008

Best Motoring International - Racing Bonanza

Of the Best Motorings I have reviewed so far, I would say I like this one the least. There really was no particular car focus here, or even a Touge Showdown, as it all was really scattered and different segments. The exotic car run wasn't that bad, as well as the "Hot Hatch" battle, but really, the only thing I found amusing was the "JDM FR Face Off". Featured the Sports Prestige Limited RX-8 (Shinka in US) and a Mazdaspeed RX-8 ver. 2. Great battle, and showed the great overall balance of the RX-8's while other cars experienced brake fading, or other conditions. Watching this episode really made me wish I had a Sports Prestige instead of a normal RX-8, but I suppose at somepoint with all the tuning I have in mind, mine will surpass that and more.

Again, not a Best Motoring I'd really recommend unless you're interested in the luxury car segment, or others. The JDM face off was good, but not worth the whole DVD.

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