June 19, 2008

Drop With S-Techs

Got in my Tein S-Techs I purchased from a Ebay reseller. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first because of all the counterfeit Teins I've been hearing about lately. From the pictures they provided though, and the $150 price tag, how could you really argue?

As with the transmission fluid, before installing these, save up time, patience and tools. Everything that could have gone wrong the day of install..did go wrong. I forgot my wheel lock at home, so we had to go back. Then during install, Astral decided to slice his finger open while cutting the bump stopper, so Greenblurr took him to the hospital..Leaving us down to just my buddy Shane and I. It was enough work that we had to just save it for the next day, so we left the car on jack stands in Astral's garage. The next day, Altspace came down and Astral's finger was all bandaged up, so the work was done and done right. The results were better then expected.The car now looks nice and even as opposed to stock, in which there is a huge wheel gap and the rear looks lower then the front. The S-techs give a drop of 1.3 in the front, with 0.8 in the back, evening out the car perfectly. Not only does this help in terms of performance and looks, but it really saves the look of the stock wheel. It makes them look somewhat bigger and improves the gap situation.

When taking it out for a spin, the car certainly felt different in a good way. The drop is great but it's not obnoxious to the point that you can't drive over bumps or anything, which is great. They claim a 30% increase in overall rigidity, and I felt it... especially over bumps. But it did feel more responsive, especially when turning in. I'm not sure what it is, but it feels like the car settles more into the turn. My friend Sergey, (M3 driver, lots of track and autocross seat time) agreed that the springs offered a great bang for the buck, felt really good compared to the older ones, and saved the looks of the car. A month down the road, once the suspension really settles and I get an alignment, I'll have to give a bit more of a review.

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