May 24, 2008

Mazda Corral At Lime Rock Park!

The big Mazda Corral was today at Lime Rock Park! It is actually a 3 or 4 day event, but I only had the time (and money) to attend the Saturday event with my girlfriend, Stephanie. From Waltham, it was a 2 hour drive that seemed almost endless. Thankfully I had Greenblurr (James) to follow so I wouldn't be that bored on the drive.

When we arrived, it was heaven. It was my first time ever going to a track, or even seeing one in person. Everywhere for parking, was some sort of sports car or decent car. It was like a car show in the parking lot! Other parts had tons of tents and caravans parked out for the weekend I was guessing. Since the Mazda Corral was a planned event, we had our own special parking right next to the track in a circular area. After walking around the area for a bit to get familiar with everything, we checked out all the small booths along the side that sold everything, from helmets, to shirts, and little car toys.

Then we got to go down to the paddocks and see the cars actually racing for that day, which was almost the best feature. There were many RX-8 teams for the different classes that were racing and/or qualifying, and I really tried to learn the teams that were there but there was so much to keep up with, the only ones I could really focus on were Speed Source and Roar. The Speed Source RX-8s both were equipped with 20B 3 Rotor engines, with 400 HP. Hearing them fly down the track was an experience all in itself. If I lived closer to the track, I really would visit often just to hear the sounds and see the racing, as it was just really a good time. I see why people go and just hang out all day.

To top everything off, the Mazda Corral participants got to do a parade lap around the track! We got 3 or 4 times (Don't remember, was all so great!) around, following a BMW 5 series wagon as a pace car. Fastest we went was 80, but nothing too much. We all just got to ride around and strut our Mazdas. We probably would've gone faster, but this youngin thought he would be funny by constantly rushing at the pace car, almost crashing into him a few times. It happens I suppose, always one in the crowd.

To end the day, got some more food, watched the Miata cup, and got to raffle some goodies. It was all so much I had to take a nap before driving home for the day!

You can view all the pictures here and also here. Altspace's blog has tons of neat videos too.

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