June 5, 2008

Hawk HPS Pads

Picked these up from thmotorsports.com and slapped them on ASAP. I have mixed feelings about these brakes to be honest. I spent some time with Oleg (Astral) bedding in the brakes and making sure they're proper before daily use. I tried out various areas to brake, braking lightly, hard, just various types. Honestly? The bite isn't as impressive as OEM brakes, but the stopping power is overall more powerful then my previous pads. They claim "virtually no dust!" but it's MAYBE a little less then OEM, and I barely brake hard when daily driving. I recommend them as a good OEM replacement and for those who plan to try autocross and/or brake hard but want OEM level dust. As I said, I like them, but I'm not sure what my next pads will be. Maybe a set of Project Mu's or Endless. Stay tuned.

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