May 18, 2008

Cape Cod Run 2008

(Thanks to Altspace for putting this awesome event together!)

Cape Cod Spring Run - and what a blast it was. Everyone met up in the morning around 10am to line up at a side parking lot, just before the bridge over to the Cape. We had about 50-60 cars it seemed like, mostly people from the Mazda 247 forums. We started off by cruising along the cape highway (not sure) to some big ice cream restaurant with seafood and burgers. After lunch, we went to a mini golf place called Pirates Cove. Even though it was a bit cold out, it was still sunny and still a great time. After that, we hit up the beach for a nice photo shoot before heading back home.

Something I'd say I really enjoy about NEPOC meets is that, it's not about the bigger engine or most money; it's about making friends and catching up with one another. Seeing whats going on and talking about the thing we all have in common; a love for sports cars.

All pictures can be seen here.

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