May 1, 2008

Best Motoring International - Evo IX - The Next Evolution

This Best Motoring has no real "main topic", unlike the previous DVDs I have reviewed so far. The DVD started off with a great track battle on the new Fuji Speedway. Pretty good, not that bad, but was really nice to see the design of the new track and see the racers going through and looking at the new setup, talking about how to approach the turns and go through everything.

They had a time attack of the new Ford GT, but I was mostly interested in the next part, all about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Once again, their overviews of new cars never fail to impress me. I really enjoyed the comparison to the old Evolution, before taking it onto the track and testing it against the other cars they have.

Top it off, they had great time attacks of the new Impreza S203 STI, Carerra S review, and then a time attack of the Nismo Tuned Skyline GT-R 34.

Good video for anyone that is interested in getting a Lancer Evolution, or at least curious of the differences between the VIII and the IX.

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