May 2, 2014

Fuel Problems Resolved & New Tune

PP02 Performance - Tuned by Kane
After countless hours of trying everything under the sun, I was at a complete loss. I reached out to Mazdaspeed Development, SpeedSource, various other race teams, other autocrossers, sent datalogs, and everything else you can think of. That's when after talking it over with Charles from Black Halo Racing, he offered a suggestion I hadn't even thought of before.

Low and behold, it was the problem. What you ask? Why the Throttle Position Sensor within the throttle body of course! After everything we had done, and even checking the datalogs on this, this was the last piece we had not replaced. Who would've thought? The throttle body I did receive from WankelWorks however was ported from 70mm to 90mm. Given that it has been time for a new tune anyways, it was time to turn to someone I had been keeping my eye on for awhile... Kane.

Kane was kind enough to spend time with me during my drive to New Jersey for the Championship Tour to review datalogs, and get a tune ready in time for the race. If that's not amazing customer service, I don't know what is. Once I got settled at the hotel, he remoted into my laptop and did all the magic infront of me before having me go out and test each tune. Within a few hours, we had a solid tune that gave me more power overall, A LOT more mid-range power and torque, while sacrificing just a tiny bit of low-end.

I couldn't be happier with not only having the car back to normal, (with basically an entirely new fuel system) but also having the car tuned for everything. Huge thanks to my sponsor, Charles from Black Halo Racing for the suggestion and looking over the data with me, Lui from WankelWorks for helping me the past few weeks with swapping parts out and trying to diagnose everything, and Kane for the amazing tune and being flexible enough to help me out with such a tight time constraint. I would also like to add an even bigger thanks to all my friends for their help, advice, support, patience, motivation, and pizza and chicken wings during the tough and frustrating times I had dealing with the fuel issues... You know who you are. Thank you. I could not have pushed through this without the support and motivation from you all.

Stay tuned for the overview of the New Jersey Championship Tour, and just how well the car holds up!

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