April 27, 2014

Fuel Problems Part 2 & DC ProSolo

Photo by Perry Bennett - AutoXPix.com
Remember that time when I said I had fixed the fuel issues? Unfortunately, they were not fixed. They certainly got better after the more work WankelWorks and I did.. But at full throttle, and especially holding the throttle steady, the car was becoming VERY rich. The symptoms were almost identical to that of a vacuum leak, yet after a smoke test, everything came back fine. From there, we then started replacing everything that has any part of the fuel system.

We did all of the following, in no specific order (Because we redid some things a few times as well):
  • Replaced the entire fuel pump assembly with an OEM assembly and pump
  • Replaced all six fuel injectors with cleaned and flow tested injectors
  • Replaced entire ignition system and plugs
  • Tested a different MAF sensor
  • Tested a different 02 sensor
  • Replaced the E-Shaft Position sensor
And a few other things that I honestly don't remember because of how much was done. By the time for DC Pro came around, we thought we nailed it with the fuel injectors, but driving to the event proved otherwise. 400 mile trip was almost 3 tanks of gas... Yep, still running rich. 
Photo by Perry Bennett - AutoXPix.com
Problems aside, I tried to have as much fun as possible, even though I could see even the Miata's in my combined class of SPB (it contained CSP, DSP, SMF, and FSP) out accelerating me on the straight. When you look at the videos below, it will also seem like I'm lifting at certain spots where I should be full throttle, but that was actually the car bogging down. With no ideas in mind at this point, I just tried to focus on my driving line as much as possible and enjoy myself.
Photo by Perry Bennett - AutoXPix.com
I managed to end up in 11th out of 14, while also ending up 137th out of 234 in PAX. It was upsetting to drive almost 7 hours and not be able to compete at 100%, I'll say that. But I made the best of it that I could, and enjoyed the event for what it was. New Jersey next weekend was the big race I really needed to be ready for, so I will be spending all week working on this fuel issue. Be sure to check out below my two fastest runs of the day, starting with my run on the right side, then followed by my Red-Light left side. Stay tuned!

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