August 11, 2013

John Takes Top PAX @ NHMS!

Photo by Michael Siergiej - Michael Siergiej Photography
Race Against Leukemia weekend over at New Hampshire Motor Speedway! We didn't have a lot of people this event, only having about  54 registered to run. If there was a time to shine and get that PAX glass, it was now. Fortunately for John, he had figured out the secret to the course where I had struggled, and went for the goal!

Photo by Michael Siergiej - Michael Siergiej Photography
I say this every time and will say it again, but the main thing I love about coming to NHMS is seeing the cars racing at the track, and hanging out in the infield. The lot isn't super exciting, but the courses can be technical at times. Flatout Motorsports was awesome enough to offer 2 hot laps around the track for a $20 donation. I didn't get to take it, but will have to make it a point to take it next time they hold something like that.
Photo by Michael Siergiej - Michael Siergiej Photography
For whatever reason, I could NOT get the finish of this course down. I was either too hot, too slow, didn't brake in just the right spot, etc. etc. I just didn't have it in me for whatever reason. My fastest time was a '25.877 clean, good enough for 2nd in Pro Class. John came 1st in PAX and Pro, with a '25.336 clean. The rest of the results are located here on the NER website.
Top PAX for a top notch driver!
Congrats again to John for the win though! He was on point, and he's definitely been killing the competition this season, which has been pushing me to only work harder for my wins. After this, there is only one more event, and then, Nationals. As I get closer and closer to Nationals, I get more and more excited. The RX-8 has come a long way, and is setup perfect at the moment. Now it's just up to me to see how far I can take it! Below are John and I's fastest runs. Stay tuned for the next NER event!

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