July 27, 2013

Battle For The Top @ Renegade Miata

Ready for battle!
While everyone is in Toledo for the ProSolo, I stayed back at good ol' Devens for some more practice.

Renegade Miata put on a great event, matched with an excellent course. There were a few points I could've done without, like the first sweeper, but it overall was a lot of fun. I managed to get down to a 1'12.408 clean for my fastest run during the day, but my fastest fun-run was a 1'12.080. I know there was a 1'11 in the car, but I couldn't seem to pull it out for whatever reason.

With that time however, I took 1st place in PAX and in my class. The rest of the rest of the results are on the Renegade Miata website, here. Below is a video of my fastest run during the day, and then my fastest fun-run.

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