August 17, 2013

Last Race Before Nats @ NER!

Photo by Michael Siergiej - Michael Siergiej Photography
This is it. After this event, I have a weekend off, and then off to Lincoln Nebraska. John was unable to make it to the event, so I took this opportunity to really focus on getting more intuned with the car. Seeing how far I could push it through different elements, at what point I needed to dial it back, played with a few minor settings, etc.

I figured out that the car actually seems to feel better with equal tire pressures in the front and rear, and I don't know if that's now because we run full soft in the rear shocks and/or because of fixing the spring perches or what. Either way, it feels great!

I managed to make 4th in Pro Class, right behind the legendary Nick Barbato. I came in on my fastest run with a '60.852 clean, and I had been chasing that '60 all event. The course had some interesting elements that I had to figure out a bit, but once I got it, I felt pretty good with my runs. After watching my fastest run video, I still left some time on the table, and it looked as though there was easily a low '60 in the car.
Thanks to Nick and Ben for pointing out a few things I could change up to do a different approach to different elements. The rest of the results are located here on NER's website.
Photo by Michael Siergiej - Michael Siergiej Photography
Big thanks to Nick and Ben for giving me a few pointers as to how to approach the different elements and what to improve upon . Even though I came only 4th in Pro, with a 5th place in PAX, I felt great! I left the event feeling very fulfilled, and very confident with both my driving and the car. Below, you'll see my fastest run of the day and just how pumped I was to reach the '60's. I'll be posting up my Nationals' Prep List for anyone who is interested in an upcoming post, and will be keeping everyone informed with what happens there. For now, stay tuned for the upcoming journey that I have been waiting for since I started racing.

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