July 13, 2013

Practice For The Match Tour

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
Nothing like a good ol' practice race the weekend before a big one! Not only was this practice however, I had to test out the new helper spring guides, and it was a good excuse to kill the left-over Hoosiers I had on the race wheels currently.

It was a tricky course that I needed to take wide in various spots to help me setup early, but I was having trouble remembering what sections I needed to do that in. My fastest time was a 1'12.176 clean on my 4th run, but that was no where near where I wanted it to be. It didn't help that it started to rain just as my afternoon heat started! Because of that, my afternoon runs were basically throw-aways. The rest of the results are located here on Renegade Miata's website.

At least it was a fun event, and I got to test out the replacement rear helper spring guides! I will say that the car feels a lot more predictable now. The best way to describe it is that I can feel the rear tires a lot more, and at all times where as before, I would start to lose the feeling of them during transitions and sweepers. Big thanks to John for getting those replacement aluminum guides machined for the car!

Below is a video of my fastest run, with the YouTube playlist located here. As mentioned, next weekend is the big Match Tour shakedown at Devens, so be sure to stay tuned!

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