June 2, 2013

Pro Class Comeback!

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
Close battle, lots of fun, but I was pretty upset I kept messing up the last section of the course for whatever reason. Couldn't stay focused on the prize!

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
Another close battle for the top in the Pro Class! John and I were neck and neck all day, and at the end he managed to keep the lead on me, taking 3rd place. I took 4th place right behind him, while we placed 6th and 7th in PAX. My fastest time was a '51.466 clean, while John kept his lead with a '51.350 clean. The rest of the results are located here.
Some of NER's finest rotary racers right here!
I feel like I took a lot of the course really fast, except for the last section. For whatever reason, I just kept having a hard time with those elements there. Hopefully I'll be able to step it up in the future when I'm presented with such challenges so that I can take it to the top!

Below is John and I's fastest run. Here is the Youtube playlist with the rest of the videos of the day.

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