January 16, 2012

Andrey & "Tigri"

Hello everybody! I am Andrey (Dre), and I will be giving you a look at the weekend racer/luxury modifier along with my ride, "Tigri".
I will be going to a lot of road racing events with Francesco, however, whereas Francesco's goal is to compete, mine is to learn the car and learn how to drive. In the meantime, my car is at Speed1 (formerly known as KDR) in Pennsylvania getting the finishing touches done to my GReddy turbo kit.

Basic Car Info:
2005 Mazda Rx-8 GT, 6 speed
  • Mazdaspeed Two Canister Exhaust
  • Racing Beat Dual Resonated Midpipe
  • AFE Short Throw Shifter
  • Racing Beat Oil Sandwich Plate Adaptor
  • Racing Beat Water Temp Adaptor
  • Glowshift Gauges for Water Temp, Oil Temp, and Oil Pressure
  • AEM TruBoost Gauge and Controller
  • AEM Wideband AFR Gauge
  • Cobb Accessport
  • GReddy Turbo Kit
  • Modified AEM Intake
Keep an eye out for an in depth discussion of what the GReddy install entails and of course, what tuning it requires. I plan on having multiple types of tunes for different situations. One tune I have in mind, will show the max power potential you could see on just the kit itself, prior to upgrading fuel pump and injectors.

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