January 16, 2012

Francesco & "Blueberry"

Hello world! Francesco here with the Winning Blue RX-8 aka "The Blueberry".

Photo Courtesy of Bazooka Photography
You'll find the Blueberry darting through turns this season as the track build begins in the coming months. Here is a quick and dirty run down on the work at hand. All of this work will be documented here on RE-Zelse throughout the build process.

Blueberry's Track Build
  • Rebuild track motor (Originally Racing Beat street ported)
  • Port match existing street port
  • Replace RX-8 oil pressure regulator with the FD regulator (Increased oil pressure)
  • Replace existing 4.444 final drive with the series II 4.777 final drive
  • Utilize a long tube header
  • Utilize 3 inch exhaust flanges
  • Create a custom mid pipe and cat-back exhaust components
  • Alignment, corner balancing, and fresh track tires
And I'll leave with the teaser of the motor last year that will be rebuilt proper this time around.

Equipped in Picture: RB Street Ported 13B-MSP, BHR Ignition, Mazdaspeed Flywheel

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