May 28, 2011

Renegade's 1st Points Event!

First points event for Renegade Miata on this lovely Saturday! I've been looking forward to this event for awhile, as I always love the courses that Renegade Miata has to offer. Today's course was something that Brian came up with, featuring some elements from the ProSolo course that was in New Jersey. The first section was relatively fast, but the back section taught people to be patient and to pick their lines and acceleration points carefully.
The car handled beautifully on the course, and really behaved however you wanted it to. I got to play with various settings, particularly with the rear swaybar, however after the event, I noticed something awkward. It seems I've been running quite low tire pressures on the Hoosiers, and they're getting relatively close to being corded. I'll need more negative camber, higher tire pressures, and to flip the tires on the wheels. I'm honestly concerned, as I would like to run these Hoosiers until the end of the season, but that may not be an option.All of that aside, I managed to finish the day with a 1'16.3, taking first place in the "Other Mazda's" class. Brian managed to take a 1'15.4 in my car, so there was definitely more speed out there for me to find, but I was glad to see the car had that potential in it. The results are located here on the Renegade Miata website. Below are videos of my second fastest run, and Brian's fastest run. Until the next event, looks like I need to pay a visit to Kaizen Tuning to get that alignment and tires flipped...stay tuned.

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