May 22, 2011

New Meadowlands ProSolo - Day 2

B Street Prepared Evolutions are what I've been aiming to chase for awhile now with this build, and though I still believe the car has the potential to catch them, even within a second of their time, I just am still not driving to that limit. I did much better in my last four runs, but still not good enough to move up in position, taking 9th out of 10th at the end of the day. Brian secured 8th as he got a little bit faster as well as he became increasingly more and more comfortable with the car.
My fastest time on the left course today was a 31.975 and a 31.522 on the right. Big difference compared to yesterday, but again, not enough. Brian took home a 31.342 on the left, and a 31.594 on the right. Others were surprised that the car was even close to the times of the Evolutions, but unfortunately I wasn't able to overcome my road block.
Photo by Steve Steguis - Steguis Photography
All in all, I had a blast for the three days I was here in New Jersey. I learned more as a driver, was pleased about the feedback of my car, and enjoyed the ProSolo racing format. Congratulations to many people from the NER crew who got to take home a trophy with them, especially since this was a first ProSolo for many of them.
Photo by Steve Steguis - Steguis Photography
The next time I have some free time and spare money, you better believe I will be attending a ProSolo. The adrenaline rush and excitement is just unlike any other form of autocross. Seeing that my car had the ability in her, but not in myself, only motivates me to become a faster driver and learn to adapt to different venues quicker. By my next ProSolo I will have the final touches completed on my car and my skills will be polished enough to hopefully take home a trophy. Until then, time to head back home where I await my next race at Devens for this coming Saturday. Below are a few more launch videos, as well as Brian and I's fastest runs on the left, then the right course.

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