May 21, 2011

New Meadowlands ProSolo - Day 1

Day 1 of the ProSolo and what a Beautiful day out! It's about 80 degrees, with some hot pavement on the lot to work with, so plenty of grip. I managed to keep my very fast reaction times luckily, getting a .507 for my first run as well.
It seemed that launching in the damp was about the same as launching in the dry, slipping the clutch and giving it gas right at the third light was the key while making sure the RPM's were between 4-5. The two courses were a lot of fun with a nice mix of transitions, a hard sweeper, then the end was all mostly late apex turns.
Photo by Steve Steguis - Steguis Photography
Brian finished the day with 7th place while I took 8th right behind him. My best results for the day was a .507 reaction time on the left, .560 on the right, a 2.273 60-ft time, and a 33.410 on the left with a 32.254 on the right course. Brian bagged a .607 best reaction time on the left and a .556 on the right, with a 2.181 60-ft time, and a best time of 32.548 on the left, and a 32.021 on the right.
Brian was progressively getting faster where as I seemed to be getting worse and worse. I'm not sure if it was the pressure or something else, but my afternoon runs were so bad, they may as well have just been red lights. Hopefully tomorrow I'll pull myself out of this slump and get back on track! Below is a video of one of my launches, as well as my two fastest runs for the day, and Brian's two fastest runs for the day.

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