March 7, 2011

Build Progress

It looks like everything is progressing slowly but surely. So far I'm putting in a few hours of work on the car almost every night after work. Next up is stainless steel brake lines, stainless steel clutch line, two piece brake rotors, brake pads, and then a full system flush with ATE Super blue. After that, I should have my Drop Engineering delrin bushings to put in, and then probably rear differential. Still working out details with the upcoming coilover kit.This year I'm aiming for a few SCCA National Tour events as I think that would be a lot of fun, especially getting the rest of Black Halo out there with me to check out the scene. Depending on Shane's schedule, he may also be bringing out my Miata to have some fun in STS at a National Tour here and there. Over everything else though, priority number one is to get this car chasing Evolutions and STI's on the autocross course in BSP!

Blog wise, I'd like to do a build comparisons; more specifically a BSP RX-8 against a STX RX-8. Many people favor STX due to being much cheaper than Street Prepared since you run on street tires, and there are more restrictions on modifications. If I'm going all out with this BSP build, I'd like to get as much data and comparisons as possible to see if competing with the RX-8 in Street Prepared is really worth it, or just a dream I keep chasing. Until then, stay tuned.

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