December 3, 2010

Day 8 - Touge Run

Early morning breakfast at Denny's with Ray and Erick before we drove up toward a place called "Tortilla Flat", which is anything BUT flat. The pictures I got of the area are nothing in comparison to how beautiful it is in person. The roads were narrow and very twisty, reminding me of some Japanese touge racing. Hearing the exhaust note as we went around the twisties was music to my ears, reminding me of the times with my own RX-8. Ray was confident with his driving abilities, so our little mountain run was safe, but by no means boring.On our way back from the mountain, we stopped at the exhaust shop so they could check out fitment and take pictures. A lot of comments were made about a few bends in the runners that didn't need to be there, some of the welds, etc. With that being said, it will be interesting to see what they come up with as a final product. Expect to hear more about it on the RX8 Club forums in the near future, but for now, the header is in the final stages of development. Here's a sneak peak at what is to come.Oh yeah, did I mention how awesome some of the restaurants are in the West Coast? In-And-Out Burger was quite the treat!

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