December 2, 2010

Day 7 - Getting Down To My Business

I spent the morning going over a lot of my plans for my future shop. If there are two things Ray is, he is an amazing teacher, and a great business man. He has the innate ability to show me all things from a 3rd person perspective, ensure that goals are met and intertwine together with each other and current projects, and more. I suppose it's one of those experiences you can't really explain unless you were there. I will just say this though; I learned more than I expected to learn, and I can't thank him enough. He really ensured I had a good understanding of what to look out for, to keep in mind, and helped me made some minor adjustments to my planning for both my business and personal finances.During lunch time we loaded up Jeff's rental Smart Car with a new Renesis 13B (yes, it fit, and it brought the rear of the car down quite a bit!). Hopefully he'll have better luck with this engine than his last one! Shortly after loading that in, we went on over to the shop to install the full exhaust system onto Ray's RX-8 so we could test fitment, sound, etc. I'm not always a huge fan of wrenching, but wrenching with Ray in a shop was definitely something I wouldn't mind doing again. With some good ole rock and roll, we got the install done in a few hours, with the header being the longest part due to install fitment issues.After all the hard work, we got to meet up with Jennifer and went to a Japanese restaurant called Kabuki. Nothing like some Japanese beer and fresh sushi to top off a long night of wrenching!

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