December 1, 2010

Day 6 - Exhaust Work

Ray introduced me to the exhaust shop that does all of the production builds for Black Halo Racing. There, I got to see what building and mass-producing a full exhaust components is all about, starting from the large machines needed, to how jigs (a template) are made, and more. From there, we got to discuss what we would like to see for the final version of the RX-8 header that Black Halo will be producing.

My old prototype had some areas in which it could use some improvement, so we got to iron those out with the exhaust guy. To ensure fitment, measurements, and clearance issues are noted, they had asked if we could install the exhaust on an RX-8 for them. Looks like tomorrow's task is going to be that! After some time there, we went back to the shop to hang out for awhile, see what everyone was up to and maybe grab some lunch with Jeff.

For lunch, some nice Greek salads and gyros at a little place down the street from the shop, with the two legends of Black Halo Racing (and RX-8 Club in my opinion). I guess now that I look back, I would say I feel pretty important to have gotten to hang with these two talk shop. At the time I was really just focused on all our discussions of product planning, the upcoming exhaust header and learning from both of them as much as I could.

Since we were on the topic of the header and potential power gains, I showed Jeff my data logs from just before the accident, as I wanted to hear his thought on how my RX-8 ran and if he could guesstimate how much power I was putting out. Judging by the numbers, Jeff felt I was putting down only 205-210 RWHP, without a final tune! It certainly felt like more but I guess that’s where lightening the car gave that illusion, matched with my final drive. Unfortunately, we will never really know since I did not get to dyno my car before the accident.

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