May 2, 2010

SCCA NER's Third Points Event

What a great day over in New Hampshire Motor Speedway! My first time ever coming here to the track for autocross. Was great to see and hear some spec Miatas and other cars racing around on the road course on break time. We held the event in the parking lot just past the main entrance, making a nice, snakey, 30 second course. Managed to pull off 8 runs total for the day.Managed to pull off 1st place in my class again! Was against a new contender to SM, a twin turbo Supra driven by Ben. Him and Dan with his 2010 Camaro were right on me with 31's and 30's. I took first place with a 29.1 as my best, but I scored a 28.8 at one point, but dirty sadly. Raw time of the day is here, pax time is here, and the final standings are here.Congrats to Dave for winning STX for the day, hopefully he'll make first place for the year this time around too! Mike managed to pull off 3rd in Novice, getting constantly tied with Matt in Sam's Prelude. Keith pulled first in CS as well, so looks like a great day for RX-8s. Good racing everyone, awesome times, and was great to see some RX-7s on the track. Check out this great photo album I ran across of the event as well.

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