May 8, 2010

BHR 255lh Walbro Fuel Pump

Was reading various posts on the RX-8 Club about fuel starvation and how some RX-8 owners have been seeing such symptoms when racing and cornering hard. Great post by MazdaManiac explaining it all pretty much is here. Big ups to Ray from BHR for making this awesome plug-n-play fuel pump upgrade kit, which has the Walbro fuel pump in an OEM assembly. He also has available for installs a special tool that made my life a lot easier when trying to take off the o-ring on top of the fuel pump.I was originally going to make this a DIY, but decided not to as I would rather just review about it. Feel free to shoot me an email should you need some assistance with installation though. The pump has a interesting tone to it, almost as if a whining motor sound to it. It's slightly louder, but not alarmingly louder. The fuel pump will certainly be pushed during the next event, for now it has to deal with some "spirited driving" on some on and off ramps.

Some pictures of the new pump before installation, the old pump in the car as we are removing it, and Shane deciding that the old pump makes for a great football.


Unknown said...

How BHR special tool for oring removal looks like?

Marc Monnar said...

BHR May have a picture of it on their website. It's best to explain it as being like this |_| and it's solid metal, with little niches along the arms of it so that way it fits perfectly onto the ridges of the O ring. On top of the tool is a hole for your ratchet. Definitely saved the day and was worth it.