May 9, 2010

Corbeau Purple Harnesses

I was getting tired of the red on black theme my car was naturally taking (which is a theme that I really don't like in the first place) , so I decided to change up the harnesses to my favorite color; royal purple. These things are absolutely beautiful! I'm quite happy with the quality of the belts as well, as adjusting them is surprisingly easier than my old G-Force belts. Picked up some shoulder pads as well while I was at it. Picture up top was taken without a flash to show that the text is actually silvery white, and not a darker purple like it looks in some of the flash pictures. Now lets see how they hold up at the next event!


imput1234 said...

I like, looks cool!

Marc Monnar said...

Thanks, glad you like it! It's different but the look and feel of them is great, especially with the pads too. Totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

Where did u find these?