April 19, 2009

1st Day Of The Season!

First day back on the course, and what a course they set out for us! All the usual suspects were there, with their cars ready to go. The course was much longer, with people getting roughly 10 seconds higher on their normal time they used to get on the courses before.

Got a good amount of cone rash to show I was pushing it out there, which is always a good thing. Best time of the day was 1'40! Pretty good, but I know I can get my car into the 1'37 range. Oleg managed to get a 1'35 clean with his Miata and new setup. We'll see next event how well I do. In the meantime, check out all the great pictures here. Big thanks to Oleg for the camera and pics, as well as Gavin for taking some of my pictures as well.

We had troubles with the batteries staying alive throughout the time of the event for the hero camera. But we managed at least 3 videos between me and Oleg's car.

Bob driving my car on the course here.
Oleg had the camera on his helmet for these two videos.
Video 1
Video 2


imput1234 said...

dude that bear on the bumper top of your exhaust is awesome lol

Marc Monnar said...

Thanks. :D James made the sticker and I wanted something random for a little bit. Something different. It's a japanese anime bear that chases young and beautiful women apparently.