April 1, 2009

Chasing The Touge

Very sorry viewers for the late review! I got caught up getting ready for Autocross and everything else that this had to be pushed aside. That being said, I'll be reviewing the classic, "Chasing the Touge"

Chasing the Touge was pretty good, but not something I'd watch as frequently as a Best Motoring or Hot Version. Many segments within it were mostly informational videos on some teams out in California, and the popular racing events they have going on. Some good footage of what cars were hot back in 2003, and great to hear what some of the teams have to say about how they got started, but all in all it was a documentary and not necessarily a "race video" like Hot Version.

Usually when I watch race videos, I like to see and get ideas from other tuners with what they've done to their car and what they do with their car. With this, it was more of seeing how the teams started and have progressed through the years, and what they do for fun and practice. Decent to buy for your collection, but not on the top of the list.

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