April 9, 2009

Patch Work

Took some time to give the car some of the love and car that it deserves the other day. I wanted to remove the side skirts, buff out a scrape that a SUV had left me when I parked in ChinaTown, and remove my foglights. Thanks to the help of Josh, we got right on that.

Removing the side skirts was a bit tedious, as it had to be cleaned from the 3M tape and dust. Then we had to plug the holes with "hole plugs" from Home Depot, painted with touch up paint and clear coated, and then some slight super glue around the edge to make sure it is on against the body firmly. Will have more side shots soon.

Bumper was buffed out, again thanks to Josh. Looks brand new, except for the few rock chips, so looks like someone put white out here and there. Headlights needed a serious makeover as well as they were hazed and scratched from the baking we did. Much better with a much better output.

Lastly, the fogs were simple to remove, just 3 screws from the foglight assembly into the bumper and they're off. The PIAA's I had previously were blown, and I had slowly gotten out of the fog light phase, so I removed them.

More pictures can be seen here. Thanks a million to Josh for the help!


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Thanks. Look forward to more pictures from Autocross coming up on Sunday!