February 28, 2009

Day At Dent Sport Garage

I needed to get my corner balancing done, as well as have a few clunks checked out with my end-links. Who better to call than DSG? Right off the bat, their service was excellent. They jumped in my car, took it for a spin, and figured out what the clunking was. I guess I missed the memo on using lock washers with end-links.
As for the corner balancing, night and day difference. Before, it definitely handled like a charm, very stiff and agile. Now, it feels like she just wants to move any way you tell it to. When you take a sweeping turn, a car usually settles into it and then turns, right? With this, it feels as though the car is 100% settled at all times. It reminds me very much of my friend's M3 with his Coilover setup with sways. I am really impressed with their service, quick timing, and just all around everything else. They had to also fix up a mess I made on one of the under body braces in which I snapped a bolt in by mistake, and even that was done well.I'm really impressed with DSG's work, and the car feels excellent. I highly recommend anyone who has gotten to the point that their car is starting to confuse service techs at the dealership, to check out DSG. I'll be stopping by there another point soon for a quick fix to my oil pan, so look forward to another post from there work.
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