March 30, 2008

Redline Transmission And Differential Fluids

Redline Transmission MT-90 fluid. All I can really say is... THIS is THE stuff. My car was reaching 30k (in 2000 miles...but still) and I was getting too itchy to change the transmission fluids, especially after reading reviews of this stuff on the RX-8 club message board. Apparently compaired to Royal Purple transmission fluid, this really takes care of any clunky feeling when shifting between gears.

The install? A pain. I highly recommend paying the extra money to either have a dealership do this, or have a lot of patience and time. This process was terribly messy, but then again, the fluid pump we were using for this was $14 from autozone (kept falling apart with fluid going everywhere). Emptying out the fluid wasn't so bad, just like doing an oil change only in a different spot. The same goes for the Shockproof Differential fluid I had put in as well, just in the rear (again, could be messy if not prepared).

After 3 hours of messy fluids and half assing it all, we filled the transmission and differential up with a bit to spare. The difference was amazing. The transmission felt as smooth as butter, and as I drove it more, it got even smoother, but more of a solid feeling.

There isn't much else to say, other then this feels really good. I can see why serious RX-8 drivers, especially those who participate in motorsports, use these fluids for their car.

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