March 1, 2008

Best Motoring International - The 350Z Shock

Starting this review, I'm going to do my movie reviews a bit different. I realized that as opposed to just reviewing the video... I was basically what the whole movie is, which kills the point of buying the movie to see it. So I'm going to review only my favorite parts and parts I see useful for the viewer.

In the case of this video, this is an oldie. It focuses on when the 350Z had just been released in Japan. It's pretty good for someone who's interested in getting a used Z, or overall interested in the Z at all. You get to see it in battle against rivals such as the S2000, M3 and more, while seeing how it handles the back roads and various different types of roads.

After, they had a good mix up, adding some track time of NA cars versus some Turbo cars, comparing the benefits and downfalls of both. I'd say my favorite part is the Touge Showdown they have at the end, as it was a really old version, before the reign of the Amuse S2000. The real benefit of Touge Showdown, for me at least, was always the great ideas of how to approach a good "street tune" while having a good car for the track.

Hats off to Best Motoring, once again another enjoyable DVD. If you're planning to get this, I recommend it for a potential Z owner (as I mentioned earlier) or the NA battle and Touge Showdown at the end. For me, it's the track and Touge Showdown.

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