March 10, 2008

Big Day

Big day indeed. Greenblurr (James), my buddy Shane and I went to Astral's (Oleg) for a night of installation. I had picked up a ton of LEDs from super bright LEDs, bought the above Racing Beat AC and Oil Cooler protective screens, and lastly the Racing Beat Ram Air Duct.

The installation of the interior LEDs weren't so painful, just involved pulling a lot of various parts on the interior. All interior lights were replaced for nice hyper white LEDs, as well as the license plate light in the rear, and the parking lights in the front (inner small lights next to the actual driving lights).

The screens were challenging as it required taking off the front bumper, the foam, the VFAD (had to anyways for the duct), and a lot of time. With James, I took care of the LEDs, while Shane and Oleg took care of the screens and air duct.

From what I've read, the VFAD only allows air into the intake fully after 3,000 RPMs. The VFAD went from the airbox down to the side of the bumper, but really got no direct air flow in. The air duct really fixes this problem and is always flowing air straight into the intake. Again, if you want to get a cheap upgrade that helps a decent amount, the air duct, a good filter, and the air box modification really hits the spot.

3/15 UPDATE - The screens REALLY protect from bugs and rocks big time, so I'm really pleased about that. Reguarding the air-duct, the increase was actually great. You can hear the booming when accelerating, especially hard, and the gain with the airbox modification and the K&N filter was a great match up. My friend had taken it out for a spin, and noticed the increase as well (Sadly, butt dyno but whatever.). A lot of people online on the RX-8 club have sworn up and down that this is one of the best/cheapest modifications.

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