June 14, 2012

Getting Ready For War

Time to wear the war paint again! En garde!
It has started, and there's no turning back at this point. The war paint- I mean... The vinyls are on for the National Tour, and for Nationals in September. This allows me to be eligible for contingency prizes and to show respect (will be getting more vinyls for Nationals as well). All that is left is my Tire Rack windshield banner and a few small SCCA vinyls I receive at the event.

My replacement Odyssey battery should be in by Friday hopefully. As for the alignment issues, big thanks to Ben for helping me sort those out for the Tour. I definitely owe him big time. We've also made some minor adjustments to the previous alignment specifications. Overall, I'm confident in both John and I, and even more so with some of these issues fixed. Until tomorrow, stay tuned.

  • Camber:  -2.9° 
  • Caster:  4.5°
  • Toe:  3/16" out (total toe)

  • Camber:  -2.7°
  • Toe:  3/16" in (total toe)
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