June 7, 2012

Blueberry's Blues

On her way to see Doctor Wankel!
Clearances. Exact and precise internal clearances are essential for any rotary engine to operate smoothly and properly. So what gives? Where have I been? Wankel Works and I have been trying to troubleshoot a few issues after the engine build. Clearances, just so happened to be one of them.

It has taken more troubleshooting hours than I would like to admit, but that is in fact the source of Blueberry's Blues. I have been working with the Wankel Works team on troubleshooting some of the remaining issues with the car. Here is a quick run down on some other issues the car had that were taken care of throughout the troubleshooting process:
  • Custom Cut Spark Plug Wires
  • Battery
  • Pulley Hub
  • Upgraded Starter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Throwout Bearing

We’re aiming to have Blueberry back in action at Pocono Raceway for the Grand Slam weekend track event with NASA. Stay tuned for another update towards the end of the month.

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