August 28, 2011

Whats New?

A lot has been going on the past few weeks, so I'm glad I finally have some time to myself to kick back and relax. The main topics of whats new is in bold below. You will begin seeing more review posts, DIYs, and casual posts now that things are back under control.

Blog Updates
The blog has received many changes over the past few nights. Most of these updates I have been planning to implement for awhile. For starters, I decided to spruce up the fonts and colors used around the blog a little bit, while maintaining the same overall feel as before. Then, I cleaned up the side bar by getting rid of a few extra things and making everything easier to navigate. I also added some new pages to my blog that I think everyone will enjoy.

The first new page is the "Cars" page, replacing the two build pages I had and forming it into one, in which it will contain information of all my project car builds. I then had added a "Videos" page, in which it is actually a redirect straight to my YouTube page so you can begin watching videos almost immediately. As for the last new page, I added "Desktops" as a nice desktop wallpaper repository. What you'll find there are my favorite pictures of my car that have been cleaned up and resized so that they can be used as wallpapers. I also cleaned up and resized a few other pictures I have come across that I really enjoy. Going forth, expect to see quick blog posts about any desktop wallpapers I add to the gallery with a quick overview about it.

New Goodies
I decided to bite the bullet and purchase some new racing gloves. My current go-kart gloves were becoming very warn out and I really wanted to try something new anyways. PJ recommended these gloves to me as he has used them for awhile now, and I really do like G-Force's products, so I decided to give them a shot.

G-Force ProRS Reverse Seam Racing Gloves
. The comfort was amazing compared to my go-kart gloves. They really gave me a much better feel and grip on the steering wheel overall, while constantly staying snug around my fingers. I got to break them in a little bit today, as I got to race some go-karts at F1 Boston. Even though the gloves are pricey compared to cheap go-kart gloves, they are worth every penny. I picked up my set of gloves where I always pick up my racing gear, SafeRacer.

Engine Problems
Ah, yes... The main reason why I have been very busy lately. What everyone probably has been waiting to read, right? Lately, I have been getting a sputtering sound at 7,000 RPM and higher, (under load only) and was unsure of what it was. Not long after, my car had began running terrible again like it did back at the New Jersey ProSolo (stumbling idle, engine struggling, running real rich for a moment and then suddenly running very lean, all at random). At first, I thought I was having some sort of electrical problem that was affecting my MAF sensor. I cleaned all of the grounds, replaced the ignition wires, cleaned the ecentric-shaft sensor, removed my grounding kit, and a few other maintenance fixes with still no luck.

In the end, I found out that the MAF sensor had gone bad, and that my ignition coils were prematurely failing. For now, I sent my ignition system to Ray at Black Halo Racing to have him confirm that the coils are failing and to send me a replacement kit as soon as he can. In the meantime, I've just been doing some engine bay cleaning, inspecting and cleaning electrical connectors, cleaned the throttle body and then did the throttle body bypass mod, and then tightened down anything that may have seemed loose. I'm thinking that I may as well take this time to install the oil catch can I have sitting here too. A big thanks to everyone that helped me diagnose the problems I was having, as I wouldn't have gotten too far without all of your help.

In the meantime, good luck to all of the NER members at Nationals this week (remember to listen live at SCCA live!). I wish I was there with you, but hopefully next year I will be joining you all and having a blast. Until then, stay tuned.

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