July 30, 2011

Renegade Miata Points Event 3

It's so good to be back home with my "home club" (since Renegade Miata Club was my first ever autocross club). Today's course was great practice for me as it contained some elements I am currently struggling with. Over-braking and determining late/early apexes are my two biggest downfalls at the moment. Thanks to Bob and Bill for helping point out areas I could work on while I was out on the course.
The car felt balanced on course due to the height adjustments I made to make the car more level, however, I could tell my alignment was off (and being on street tires doesn't help either). My turn in was not as quick as before, and I could feel it not be as settled in the corners. My fastest clean run was a 1'15. I had a faster dirty time of 1'14., and a clean fun run time of 1'13.7 however, and I know there was a lot more time to be had out there. The results of the day are located on the Renegade Miata website, here.
Below is a video of my fastest dirty run and then my fastest clean run. I did not take any videos during fun runs so I could mostly just focus on practicing. I'm looking forward to next weekend at NHMS, I think it'll be a fun little get away. Until then, stay tuned.

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