July 9, 2011

August 6th - Race Against Leukemia Fundraiser

Coming up in August is SCCA NER's "Race Against Leukemia" fundraising event, and this year I will be participating! It is a two day event in where the three divisions of NER get together (road race, rally cross, solo) at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for a great cause and have some fun. On the first day, for every $10 someone raises, they get to have a run out on the autocross course. Then the rest of the day is various activities with everyone at NER.

The next day is then a normal points event, and should be a great course! Please be sure to check out my fundraising page. Any donations are greatly appreciated, and I am looking forward to a great event. Stay tuned.


Maria Nemchuk said...

I may see you there :)

Marc Monnar said...

Really? Sounds great! It's going to be a great time!