November 29, 2009

B Stock RX-8 Champ In STX

The December issue of Sportscar Magazine featured a great cover on Jason Isley trying out STX this year. He has won B Stock in his RX8 a few times from my understanding, and wanted to try something different. Due to copyright issues, I can't scan the magazine and host the article, but I'm sure I can at least discuss it! I wanted to post my opinions on his setup that I found to be interesting, as well as what he did run for STX this year. Comments are welcome as I want to hear other people's take on this.2009 Nationals Specifications
2005 Sunlight Silver RX-8 Sport Edition
Wing, No Aero Appearance Package
Grey and Black Cloth Interior
No Navigation
Standard Stereo System
2,750 lb Race Weight
ABS / PS / 221WHP and 154WTQ

Front -3.0 Camber 1/8 Toe Out / Rear -2.5 Camber 1/8 Toe In
9k Front / 6.5k Rear Springs with
Rebound and Compression 7-Way Adjustable Shocks
18x9 +35 Wheels with 265/35/18 Tires

SR Motorsports Wide Grip Performance Pulleys
Cobb Tuning RX-8 Access Port Tuned by Church Automotive Testing
Braille B2317R Battery

RacingBeat REVi Intake Box
Design Engineering Reflect-A-GOLD Heat Wrap
and Tunnel Shield (Below Airbox)
RacingBeat Header
RacingBeat Race Pipe with Random Technology 300CPI Catalytic Converter
Custom 3' Single Exhaust with Borla XR-1 Multi-core Racing Muffler

Moton Clubsport Monotube Shocks
Hyperco Optimum Body Springs
Mazdaspeed Front Anti-Roll Bar with Poly Urethane Bushings
No Rear Sway Bar Installed
Moton Front Upper Bearing Plate
Small Fortune Racing Rebound Adjuster
Full Alignment and Corner Balance

Forgeline EV1R Wheels
Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec Tires (Shaved)
Goodridge G-Stop Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Racing Brake 4 Piston Front Calipers
Racing Brake Open Slotted Two Piece 13' Front Rotors
Racing Brake Open Slotted Two Piece Stock Size Rear Rotors

Hawk HP+ Brake Pads Front and Rear

Sparco Fighter Racing Seat in Black (Driver only)

So that is it! 8 weeks to build and test out that car for Nationals. Jason came 2nd place in STX and his wife came 1st in STXL. There are some modifications that had me raise my brow in question to be honest. For starters, what strut bar did he run, as they did not mention anything about a strut bar being upgraded from stock. Secondly, no BHR ignition upgrade from the poorly made stock ignition coils? Even if he was planing to go back to B Stock from the beginning, after spending that much on some of the other mods, I personally would have also bought the best ignition kit out there. I had thought that STX allowed you to change clutch and flywheel, or at least rear diff but I guess not as I was told.

Another one that has me puzzled is his alignment, as well as running without a rear swaybar. That really surprised me. No rear swaybar would cause the rear end to be pretty easy to kick out if I'm not mistaken, unless somehow his spring setup makes up for it? The alignment of running such a high camber, especially in the rear surprised me. I was always told not to go so high on rear camber to ensure all my power is being put down. Granted he is running 265, and I'm currently running 245, but could that width really make up that sort of difference? -3 in the front I suppose I could see. The toe setup is very close, if not identical to mine so that made me feel good.

I guess another is the pulleys. That has been going up and down on the forums as some see it useful, and others see it as useless. I've heard it can cause cooling issues due to under driving the water pump, but I've also heard that people have claimed a 10HP increase. The battery was a good tip as I've been looking for a replacement battery for next year, so I'll have to look into the one they chose and see how good it is compared to another stock battery.

Some people had questioned the cat, and why he didn't go for a 100 CPI cat. I'm not too familiar with catalytic converters, except that we need high quality metal ones. Also, one racing seat as opposed to two?

A lot of little intricacies with the setup, but then again, I'm no RX-8 guru. I've learned whatever I do know through a lot of forum surfing, autocrossing, and breaking things on my own car. I hope this post can enlighten people as it has me, and give people some ideas about various setups. I know I can't wait to try out some setup ideas I've come up with in the past, as well as because of this article.

Pictures taken from the Sportscar Magazine Official Website.

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