November 20, 2009

Issues Fixed!

Hey there everyone, sorry for the lack of updates as it has been quite a hectic month. Back and forth trying to fix the car, along with getting sick and upcoming Holidays. Big thanks to Liberty for their help, and big thanks to Oleg for finding out the source of the loud banging noise. Pictures taken are some random snaps as she is finally back home in the garage.

The power steering rack, as well as PCM (Power Control Module I believe) had to be replaced. Most RX-8 owners usually need their wiring harness or PCM replaced, but a few needed their rack replaced instead. I guess I needed the two! Car feels normal again with no issues, and have driven it a bit before deciding to post this.

My oil pan needed to be resealed again it seems, so they had taken care of that while the car was there. Hopefully this time I won't get any leaking after a couple of months.
Lastly, the loud banging noise that was resonating throughout the car was actually from my rear passenger side shock. It seems the adjuster screw came loose on the threads around the shock body and slipped a bit (the one sitting right behind the springs).

A few other Stance owners have mentioned running into this after numerous track events/autocrosses. Luckily, the fix is to simply retighten it. I really didn't feel like getting anything replaced right before the winter or something.

Not much else, but I am looking forward to Jason Isley's article in Sportscar coming up in December regarding his RX-8 setup for STX! Stay tuned for a review of that.

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