September 6, 2009

Renegade Miata 6th Event

This event didn’t go exactly to plan as I wasn’t used to the concept of cold pavement with cold tires. It was roughly 55 degrees out, and my tires were like ice skates when they weren’t warmed up, not really allowing me to do much other than take it easy and learn the course as much as possible on my first few runs. I really wasn’t into it the event at all, regardless of how fun the course was.

I think I was mostly bummed about the exhaust ordeal and not being done yet, as well as lack of sleep due to getting very sick over the weekend. I still placed decent though, but I would’ve liked to see myself with lower times. At least I know where I was going wrong, ontop of being sloppy with late turning, not looking ahead, etc. Finished the day with consistent 1’24’s. Results are posted here. Thanks to Kai for the pics!

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